Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Just saw Ice Age 2 – The Meltdown.

If you are an animation fan like me, then this movie should delight you. It’s worth every little penny and then some more. This charming sequel has the three characters (Manny, Sid and Diego) return to another adventure in the world where the ice is melting and threatens to flood the valley where all the animals exist.
However, one has to admit that Ice Age 1 had a better storyline and was faster paced.
The first movie establishes the endearing lead characters and the relationship they build.

The Meltdown, on the other hand, brings in a host of new creatures from the animal kingdom and could confuse a new viewer.
All in all, the movie is completely in the “feel good” genre and the dialogues are funny/sarcastic enough to get “children of all ages” laughing.

My rating ****

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Anonymous said...

Not to forget the's never ending mission to have the acorn for it's very own. I think they pretty much overdid it in this movie :)