Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Just dealing with it...

Went out for lunch with the team today. Simple enough thing to do. I was the only girl amongst three men. Right in the middle of eating good old Punjabi food in the neighbourhood dhaba, the men suddenly begin talking about how they spent their Valentine’s Day. Each had a tale of woe concerning their girlfriends. Apparently all girls micromanage or complain no matter what is done for them. They slam down phones, they crib and yes, all of them are drama queens. Having worked with these chaps (… and they are awesome fellows otherwise…), I have realized, arguing or standing up for the feminist in me , against such a majority, is of no use, hence I devote all my energy to filling my hungry stomach and nodding. When the discussion reached its peak, they realized I was a part of the audience and was quietly enjoying my lunch.

“Your kind!”, someone says, “they are all the same!”

I looked up. What had I done? I was just mutely eating!

So I said, “How is this my fault specifically?”

“It isn’t your fault per se, but all women are the same! You should tell all the women you know! Why are all of you this way?”

I find this amusing! J

What is it that annoys men so much? If you get asked what you were doing, why not just tell us? If you get told you are not devoting enough time or seriousness in the relationship, why not try and listen?

Women are only as complicated as you make them out to be. Yes we think too much, yes we like to know, yes we love silly gifts, yes we are emotional and dramatic…and YES, you can’t do without us!

Give us some credit, who else will buffer your world and make it a better place? Who will dress up and cook for you? Who will try and like stuff that you like? And most importantly, who will give everything seamlessly if she believes in you?

Lighten up fellas! We deal with you the other 364 days don’t we? J