Friday, April 30, 2010

A cup half full…

I was reading this random mail forward yesterday. An analogy of sorts.

A professor holds up a sack of rocks and then asks his students what happens if he held it high for 5 mins. The students say nothing.

“What will happen if I hold it for an hour?”
The students jump up and reply that his arm might ache.

“What if I hold this all day?”
The students say, “The pain in the arm will be unbearable!”

“So what is the solution then?” asks the professor.
Some wise back-bencher says, “Put the sack down!”

The mail then went on to tell me that life’s problems (sack of rocks) are as big (Hold them for 5 mins or hold them for a day) as you make them out to be.


That’s an interesting concept!

Personally, I am not sure if I can be so detached from some problems that I face. First of all, not all problems are the same; hence solutions to these problems also vary.

Second, if only solutions were that simple, how happy we would be!

All problems and their solutions start and end depending on how you see the cup—half empty or half full.

Isn't it?