Sunday, January 11, 2009


I was feeling a bit frustrated last week. There was no particular reason really.....I just wished I had a little more "patience" to step back and see any situation from a third party perspective. I wished I didn't jump to conclusions or get emotional about the whole thing, so quickly! This invariably lead to hurting oneself. I have learnt that there isn't much that is worth this kind of involvement...

The bigger picture gets lost when you deal with trivial--and as you will later realise, utterly useless--by-issues. I have to keep telling myself--more often now, when something makes me angry--that this is just a small part of your life and not your entire existence! Don't give situations undue credit especially when it isn't due...

"Compartmentalising" you life is hard. It is not entirely impossible though. Boundaries are lost over time and some things gather all the priority they don't deserve. Trying to avoid mixing bogies is a full time job.

What a roundabout way to say I NEED A VACATION! :)