Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The phone rings again…

Tring trinnnng…
I pick up the otherwise forgotten landline.
“Hi, is this xxxxxxxx”
Yes, who is this?”
“I got a call from this number when I was on International roaming”
You did?”
“Yes! I didn’t answer because I was on international roaming”
I am sorry, we barely use the landline
“But I got a call!...when I was on international roaming…I didn’t pick because you know, international roaming”
Yes I get that you were on international roaming…could have been a mistake…
“Let me tell you the time and date!”
No no..its ok..”

20 seconds later....
“March 28th, 14:05 hours”
Oh ok…like I said, it’s probably a mistake..I am sorry
“Since I got so many calls and just got back recently, I am returning the calls…I was expecting some important calls you know…that’s why I was checking…so why did I get a call from this number?”
Sorry sir, but this seems like a genuine mistake…I don’t think we know you
“The problem is your voice sounds familiar”
It does?” (In my head, I was thinking….what a line!)
“Yes it does…are you into RJing”
Ehhmm….no I am not!” (Weirdo!)
“Right, so why did you call when I was on international roaming?”
I didn’t call!!!” (What the hell really!)
“But I gave you a date and time when I got this call!”
I am very sorry, won’t happen again!” (Grrrrrrr!)
“So what field are you in?”
Excuse me?” (Did he just ask me that?)
“Now that I did get a call, I may as well find out…what field are you in?”
Why should I tell you that?!” (Creep!)
“You did call when I was on international roaming”
I am not telling you anything!
“Oh I understand your apprehension in telling a stranger personal details”

….he slams the phone
I am left open-mouthed and amazed.

Why does this happen to me?