Sunday, September 24, 2006

Over the past few days, a lot of traveling in Bangalore city has made me think long and hard about what makes this place such a potpourri of cultures and influences…
It is………
A city where at every nook and corner, there is a “darshini” or a “adigaas” offering you south Indian “fast food”
A city of Baristas, Coffee Day……and filter coffee
A city of umpteen bookstores
A city of pubs and multi cuisine restaurants
A city where the autowallas carry mobile phones, speak in her majesty’s English and always have faulty meters
A city where, on the same street at the same time, you will find a sleek looking BMW and a completely oblivious cow, each making their way someplace else
A city that is sweltering in the morning and sees rain in the evening
A city passionate about its theatre and movies
A city where every street has seen a game of galli cricket
A city of malls and roadside stores
A city where no matter where you go, a cyber “browsing chat games” center is always around the corner
A city where the traffic never moves and the roads are better not taken
A city of modern architecture and ancient values
A city where you can get by without knowing a single word in kannada
A city where “swlapa adjust maadi” is the unwritten rule
A city of unfinished flyovers and new ring roads
A city where every way eventually turns one way
A city of green parks and tiny lakes
A city of matchbox flats and rich individual homes….and slums
A city for the nouveau rich, the poor and everyone in-between
A city, where if you throw a random stone at ten people, nine and a half turn out to be techies
A city where the music ranges from suprabhaat to head banging rock
A city where countless traditions mix and form a delightful medley
A city where lies my home………… :)