Saturday, August 28, 2010

Randomness on the phone...

Him: Hello.

Me: Hello.

Him: Hello.

Me: Hi. Who is this?

Him: Who are you?

Me: Who do YOU want to talk to?

Him: Is this Sanjay?

Me (clearly in a girl's voice): No it's not!

Him: But I thought this was my friend's Sanju's phone.

Me: Well, its not!

Him: Who are you?

Me (grrrrrrr...): Check the number you are calling please!

Him (sweetly...): If it's not Sanju, will you be my friend?

Me:...(tongue-tied..then quickly slams the phone)


shru said...

So very true....oh the early days of mobile phone!!

alphabetworld said...

Was this recent? Am sure he read yur blog and found out you have two sesky phones ;) So, even while you're busy being friends on one, thrs still th other for people to call you on :D :D

Pal said...

@ Shru...this happened this Friday! :)

@ Weird...very recent! My two sesky phones sure attract some very funny people ;)