Sunday, May 16, 2010

Marley & Me by John Grogan

I will guilty admit that I picked up this book on a whim. It had a cute lab puppy on the front cover! Today as I finished reading it, I can't thank my stars enough for having picked up this book!

The story made me laugh, cry and want to own a dog like Marley right away. Very few books move you like the way this one will.

Beautifully and so effortlessly written, this lovely tale about the life and love with the world's worst dog really reinforces your belief in the art of good story telling. More importantly, it paints a hilarious and true picture about the many benefits and drawbacks of owning a crazy dog as a family pet.

I strongly recommend this book for all dog lovers and would be pet owners.

It's worth every bit of the crazy ride!

Thank you Mr Grogan. It's a wonderful story well-told.

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