Sunday, April 12, 2009

Can’t do without….

Half cup of tea in the morning

Reading the newspaper …….books…..reading anything

Checking mail

Goofy people…goofiness galore

Listening to music

Seeing the funny side of things

Making people smile

Mum’s kadhi chawal

White Musk perfume

Thinking about getting a dog

Thinking about getting fish

Bread and butter

Animated movies……romantic comedies……all movies!


Best friends (S, M and S—you gals make my world vibrant and vital)

Watching programs on animals or travel or cooking on TV

Listening….and truly believing that it helps

Drama in everything, so that I can weave stories when I get old



Intelligent conversation




Lounging in pyjamas once in a while….doing nothing

Extended sleep on Sunday mornings

Mangoes and watermelon

Singing out of tune on purpose

Attempting to whistle

The colour blue

Silver bracelets and silver earrings

My watch

Day dreaming


Calvin and Hobbes

Remembering trivial utterly useless GK

Asking questions

Invariably putting my foot in my mouth

British humour

Eating the cherries off cake and ice-cream

Subtle sarcasm and mild flirting

Telling the truth

Writing bad limericks

Getting ribbed…………blushing

Remembering numbers and dates

My iphone

Forgetting why I got angry

Brother’s advice

Being fascinated by lights and fireworks

Being agony aunt


Learning new things

The elephant God and His humourous ways to test us poor mortal humans

Never finding the right clothes to wear

Wishing I could play tennis more often or atleast watch it being played

Planning to not die till I learn or attempt to learn salsa

Thinking P G Wodehouse is the greatest author ever

Making a “things to do list”….then promptly forgetting to look at it again

Wanting to drive an SUV

Enjoying the smell of the first rains

Wanting to finish a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle

Having an opinion on most things

Being on time

Wishing I had said the right thing at the right time

Always regretting words spoken in anger

Being annoyingly optimistic

The window seat…always!

Wanting to see a F1 race someday

Believing that all things are equal and yet the balance tilts to favour those who show enough courage to want it badly

Reading between the lines…..then getting into trouble

Watering plants


Wanting to see the world—the hills, the valleys and all that lies in between.

Logic, practicality and science….and also that some things I cannot explain

Wanting to be a student for ever

Thinking about being a photographer someday

Experimenting with cooking

Standing by the window when it rains

Coming up with every excuse to not workout

Wanting to see and touch snow

Cuddling up with pillows

Being a hopeless incorrigible romantic

Wishing I could play the piano or the guitar

Talking forever……saying everything and nothing at all

Letting go….when I can’t do anything else

Keeping the faith

Believing that hope always floats

Wanting to see a Broadway musical

The fact that what goes around comes around……and the world is a small place

Being naïve sometimes

Reading a book...never figuring out when I fall asleep

The knowledge that humour helps lessen the pain when it hurts the most

Admitting that it all happens for your own good.


uni_verse said...

hehe..finally inaugrating this space.. i do atleast 75% of the above myself :) and u make it sound interesting :D - malavika

shru said...

Someone had a lot of thinking time on their hands!!! But yeah, gotta agree...some of those things even I can't do without...

Extended sleep on Sundays
Best buddies
first rain

to state a few!!!

Jayded said...

Maybe you should write a book on this..... :P

Veda said...

Like looking back into what we have and what we miss...
Nice work done!
Saved a copy of it with ur permission :-)

Kshitiz Anand said...

:) beautiful post.

Anonymous said...

Yep...remember reading this long back and agreeing vigorously with all.
Same thing now ;)

OF COURSE, its a good thing :D

Pallavi Vyawahare said...

@ weird

(hugs) :) :) :)