Sunday, October 28, 2007

I Wonder.

I saw the moon the other night, distant and tranquil,
It caused a quiver somewhere and a little sigh
I wonder if he feels it too?

A mellow zephyr infringes the deliberation,
A thought occurs and a heartbeat misses,
I wonder if he feels it too?

Everything stands frozen for that ephemeral instant,
Brings the memory of a stolen glance and a shy smile,
I wonder if he feels it too?

Love doesn’t happen in the unvarying talk,
It happens over the million moments of silence,
And I wonder if he feels it too.


Calvin said...

Nice poem! He might feel it too, but I wonder who he is though! ;)

ping ping. said...

arrey it was kojagiri poornima , and the frozen feeling or the mellow zephyr coz the winter is setting in.... :P

ping ping. said...

just ask na!!!

Mayur said...

Hmm ! Very very interesting , Such poems are works of really high motivational forces ! Wonder who is yours !

El Furibundo said...

Of course he feels it.
When the wicked Night-Woman holds us in her thrall, he sighs for you.
When you are hungry for something, he knows it, but you don't know he knows!

Yes the Moon feels it. What's more.. he knows.