Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Circle of Karma- Kunzang Choden

A very enchanting tale of a woman and the journey she makes from birth and beyond. This is the first time I was reading something by a Bhutanese author and I must admit I came away impressed. There is nothing hidden in this novel.

It is a beautiful description of the reality of life and the struggles of being a woman in the Himalayan kingdom. Deeply influenced by religion, belief and karma, this tale is about a journey Tsomo, the main character takes.

It is a story of her life and the travails in them. It is about how everything you do comes a full circle someday. It’s about realizing who you are and where you eventually want to go.

My conclusion- Captivating read but requires some patience to get the flow!

Can You Hear The Nightbird Call- Anita Rau Badami

An absolute outstanding weave of a story.

The story of three women and their entwined lives. This magnificent book is about Bibiji (Sharanjeet Kaur), Leela, and Nimmo. From the narrow streets of a small village in Punjab, called Panjaur, the lanes of Bangalore, to the opportunity filled Vancouver, this book covers everything.

This tale brings forth the pain and the trauma that take root in their lives, caused by some grim realities in Indian history including the partition, the assassination of Indira Gandhi, the subsequent terror that followed a particular sect and the bombing of Air India Flight 182, Kanishka, where all 329 people on board were brutally blown up in a terrorist attempt………

It is a tale of want, ambition, and how deep beneath the skin, everyone is related by his or her circumstance to each other. This book is so true in it narration the reader can almost reach out and touch the lives of its characters. This novel clearly depicts the closeness one feels towards one’s countrymen in a foreign land. It talks about the bonding that might be forced but is a necessity to survive in a home far from home.

A very well written story, the author manages to make you grimace at some of the descriptions of terror. It is however a book that leaves you sad in the end, because no matter how much you wish what you have read is not true; the reality is that there is nothing that can be changed now.

My favourite line- Coincidence? Perhaps. Chance brings lives together in unexpected ways and breaks them apart with equal randomness

My conclusion- A definite must read! Brilliant candid work!

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