Sunday, July 29, 2007

Random musings………..

Whining about life is a constant time-pass
Having probably heard enough from me, one of my friends asked me to list out the three greatest worries of my life…….
The question left me stumped! Even after complaining so much, I couldn’t think of a single thing to say to him that would classify as a “worry” that wouldn’t subside after some point! Everything moves on and time heals, even if you refuse to believe it at first.
Future, life, relationships, work- all uncertainties in someway but nothing that you can actually control, fight or rebel with, then why do these things worry us in the first place?
Heartbreak, loss, pain, loneliness- it all eventually goes away doesn’t it?
Which one of us doesn’t go through the “can’t meet a deadline, boss sucks, work sucks even more, can’t define a personal life” routine at some point in our lives? Most of us live through it day in day out.
I have discovered after falling several times, that learning to laugh at your goofiness is an art. It sets you free. After some point letting it go is the best policy to adopt.
Things can only worry you if you let them worry you.

Saw Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix- what a terrible way to fit a marvelous book in a couple of hours of cinema. All effects, no soul movie. Leaves you cold.

Reading P G Wodehouse. The man really does leave you short of superlatives. I haven’t read a single book of his where I didn’t end up smiling. For me he shall always remain the best author ever.

Cooking is clearly God’s gift to a select few. The others should stop trying.

One of my closest friends recently got married. The youngest and the most spirited, and clearly the baby of the gang.
Fills my heart with joy when I see her so happy and full of love. Bless them. I still can’t believe we have grown up so much we are all ready to build our own nests. Wasn’t it yesterday that we bunked classes and caught the first day first show Shahrukh movie? When we spoke about clothes and cars and boys? Roadside chaat and saved up religiously to buy that glorious pair of jeans………..time flies doesn’t it?
Maybe, just maybe, marriage is not such a bad idea to think about in the future ;) till then I am born free……..

Over and out.

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one who should not be called!! said...

hey you dont have to discourage ppl like me from trying to cook :P
where did that come from ? random totally!!! :)